IPOs + Tesla/Bitcoin Bombshell: Your 2021 Predictions NOW

IPOs + Tesla/Bitcoin Bombshell: Your 2021 Predictions NOW

We were bold and it’s paying off.

Our 2021 market predictions are already unfolding.

300 IPOs, America 2.0 companies and bitcoin heading to the Dow pushing it to 100K … Patrick is joining to cover this incredible progress.

Here’s another one: Tesla just bought into bitcoin!

And we have two ways for you to act on these moves today:

No. 1: With bitcoin and a chain of events gearing up … including smart homes, digital car buying, millennial market takeovers), one tech has the potential to soar even higher. The gains could be huge if you invest now. Click here to see the details of what we recommend now.

No. 2: We have a MEGA trade for you that will give you exposure to all of our big America 2.0 predictions, innovations and events.

Check out all this and more in our major Market Talk that’s jam-packed with opportunities today:

2021: The Year of 300+ IPOs

Amber Lancaster: Today, Patrick Goodrich — investment analyst at Bold Profits and a key analyst on Paul’s Extreme Fortunes and IPO Speculator trading services — is joining us today. He’s here to give you an update on his three bold investment predictions for 2021.

Plus, I’m sharing how a certain chain of events laid out by Paul are set to give a huge boost to our America 2.0  stocks and how to play it for profits. Hello Patrick!

Patrick Goodrich: Hey Amber. Thanks for having me on.

Amber: Let’s get started. First off, Patrick, I am interested in knowing the status of your 2021 predictions you introduced us to on Market Talk Monday this past December. Let’s begin with prediction one. You predicted we will see more than 300 IPOs in 2021. Are we still on target for this goal?

Patrick: Absolutely, Amber. It’s been an incredible start to 2021. So far in 2021, we have had 38 IPOs. Put that into context, it’s impressive. 38 IPOs is a 137% increase from the same time as last year. It’s incredible.

There’s already 11 scheduled just this week. The IPO market is heating up. I think in the next 11 months we will reach that 300 IPO goal of mine.

Amber: I think we are on track. Good prediction. I know our IPO Speculator service members will be very excited to see these stocks come on board.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Shakeup

Certain stocks will be tossed out of the Dow 30 and replaced with our America 2.0 all stars. Tell me what’s happening with that prediction.

Patrick: Unfortunately there’s not a lot of activity or rumors right now. Last year in August the Dow took out three America 1.0 companies. Those were ExxonMobil, Pfizer and Raytheon. We had three companies replace them: Salesforce, Amgen and Honeywell.

Since then, there hasn’t been a lot of rumor or talk of an event. But we’re still just in the second month of 2021. We have plenty of time. I am bullish, optimistic, positive (BOP) that we will find an America 2.0 company that we have been talking about come in and replace.

One thing I checked up on this morning was about the Dow components. We have three companies — Coca-Cola, Visa and Boeing — that are all down since the start of the year. Coke is down 9%, Visa is down 4% and Boeing is down 2%. Once again, I think there is still time.

These America 2.0 companies are rapidly taking market share from these America 1.0 companies. It’s more of not if, but when.

Amber: That’s a great point. The year is still young. There are many months to go. Stay tuned for that. For the next prediction I have to preface this with something that was breaking news on Bloomberg this morning in big, red letters.

Bitcoin’s Adoption Rate will Skyrocket in 2021

Tesla has revealed in their annual report they have invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin (BTC). They are planning to use BTC as an accepted currency for people to purchase their products, meaning their cars, solar roofs, anything. This is big news. Wouldn’t you say, Patrick?

Patrick: Absolutely. It proves the point that more and more companies are looking to adopt it. The adoption rate is increasing.

Amber: I know your third prediction is that one of the Dow 30 companies — like Tesla did in the S&P — will invest in BTC in 2021. Are you seeing any new developments in this case? Any rumblings of companies doing what Tesla did this morning but on the Dow 30?

Patrick: One of the things is there hasn’t been any breaking news like Tesla, but like we said earlier, this shows we are starting to see adoption. Last week, Michael Saylor — who is very big into BTC and a big advocate for the space — gave a webinar to more than 1,000 CEOs.

I couldn’t find a list on who attended, but 1,000 CEOs is a massive number. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw one of the Dow 30 CEOs attend and talk to their board about finding a way to put BTC on their balance sheet.

I believe that sooner rather than later we will hear more and more announcements of companies buying up BTC and being more bullish on it. It’s coming to fruition.

Amber: I am on pins and needles to see what happens with this BTC outcome. I am enamored with your predictions and I think we will see them come to fruition like you said throughout 2021 and beyond.

Patrick, thank you for joining us on Market Talk. I am glad you are with us and sharing your insights.

Patrick: Appreciate it, Amber. Thank you for giving us your time. It’s an exciting time to be investing now.

Events Pushing America 2.0 Stocks Higher

Let’s look at a chain of events that’s set to give a huge boost to our America 2.0 stocks. As you know, Paul is a fountain of information. Every Thursday, our investment team meets to share our insights on events affecting our America 2.0 stocks.

This past Thursday was no different. Paul laid out the following chain of economic events that will send his America 2.0 stock recommendations soaring. As more people get vaccinated, more local economies will open fully. This will lead to a jump in employment and hiring.

This means increased incomes for individuals and families. These increased household incomes will lead to more household formations, particularly among the millennial and Gen Z demographics. These newly formed households will need goods and services to fill and run their homes.

Here’s the kicker, these goods and services will be more America 2.0 focused, versus America 1.0. I am referring to goods and services that use our America 2.0 megatrends like Internet of Things (IoT) like smart homes which are projected to surpass $46 billion by 2024. That’s an 86% increase from 2020.

Ecommerce sites for home furnishings like Wayfair and cars like Carvana, worldwide revenue is forecast $3.48 trillion by 2025 — a 43% jump over 2020. It doesn’t stop there. We have robotics and artificial intelligence like smart appliances and connectivity and security and new energy technology like solar roofs and energy storage.

There’s innovations like we see in ion batteries and electric vehicles. And, of course, blockchain solutions. These are set to grow as a new source of secure record keeping for mortgage contracts and property record keeping. It also includes healthcare, currencies and general banking.

Worldwide spending on blockchain solutions alone is expected to quadruple by 2024, reaching $17.9 billion. Hence, you can see, the future demand of our America 2.0 stocks will be off the charts. Don’t miss out. Let me give you an example of gains you can see once this chain of events takes effect.

Take Paul’s Extreme Fortunes stock trading service for example. This service focuses on small-cap stock trades. Carvana, as an example, is a millennial boom, ecommerce play he recommended to subscribers last March. As of today, Extreme Fortunes subscribers are sitting on open gains of 904%.

That’s amazing. It’s America 2.0 stocks like this that will get a huge boost from household formations and younger demographics growing into their own. Stocks that Paul recommends in his Extreme Fortunes service are super small with fantastic potential for tons of room to grow to help capture these profits.

Paul will soon have a brand new Extreme Fortunes pick for the portfolio. If you want in on this recommendation from the ground up and witness the gains current subscribers are living and experiencing right now with his Carvana pick, click the link to get started ASAP.

As a bonus, remember my four ETF recommendations that I told you about back in January. It’s called MEGA. It stands for:

  • The Global X Millennials Thematic ETF (Nasdaq: MILN)
  • VanEck Vectors Video Gaming and eSports ETF (Nasdaq: ESPO)
  • Global X Genomics and Biotechnology ETF (Nasdaq: GNOM)
  • ALPS Clean Energy ETF (BATS: ACES)

These four ETFs cover key sectors in this America 2.0 boom. Since our original recommendation, I’m glad to report MEGA is up 14.2% on an equal-weighted basis, while the S&P 500 is only up 5%. This is great news for Market Talk Monday viewers who follow these ETFs in their America 2.0 portfolio.

Don’t forget: We just sent your 2021 predictions Bingo card and we already have an update for you. (If you haven’t printed yours yet, click here to get your copy from the Saturday Bold Profits Daily.) So far, Ian is making a killing in his predictions and you get to mark off two spots!

First, TSLA was added to the S&P 500.

Now, Tesla is investing in bitcoin!

That’s two predictions down. We’ve got major momentum going on these predictions and I’m looking forward to seeing your first BINGO!


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited