Trading Strategies

This is a glimpse into the kinds of trading strategies Paul Mampilly offers in his premium newsletters. He and his team have spent their careers creating successful trading strategies on Wall Street and beyond. Paul offers his trading insights here to casual and serious investors.

These are general and broad trading strategies based on the latest market news offered for free.

These posts will act more as trading news and not trading strategy guides. For more actionable insights, model portfolios and trade alerts, you can find Paul’s premium investing newsletters, which are far more detailed.

The stock market is like a game — it’s all mental and emotion.

However, the most successful investors are the ones with the ability to control their emotions and remain levelheaded and patient during the market’s twists and turns.

In Paul’s 25 years of investing, he has found that the best way to keep your emotions in check in every environment of the market is to equal-weight your stocks and follow his rules of the game (ROTG).

If you follow Paul’s updates closely, you know that he talks about these rules often each week. If you skip past his updates and ignore these rules, well, you’re not only missing out on his responses to your questions, but ultimately the keys to success. Trading strategies are all about long term vision after all.

That’s because Paul wants you to be successful in the market, and adhering to these rules will lead you toward safe and profitable investing.


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