Rebound Profit

After decades of investing, from Wall Street to Main Street, during recessions and bull markets, I’ve learned that no stock ever goes up in a straight line.

Even high-growth, high-potential stocks will face a bad week every now and then, because of overblown news or sector tensions. Even a few ill-timed tweets can cause an unnecessary panic.

Market shifts are inevitable which is why a smart rebound trading system can be successful. Once you understand market trends and investor panic, you can often profit from simply buying and selling at the right time.

Remember the fundamental rule of investing: buy low and sell high. It’s as easy and as difficult as that.


Why Rebound Profit Trader Is Successful

Ian Dyer, one of my most trusted financial analysts, and I recommend options on stocks that we know are in the middle of a roaring, long-term uptrend. So, we look deep into companies’ stock performance over the past year as well as its growth for the next two years.

Our strategy relies on catching these stocks when they’re cheap. We determine which stocks are having the worst week — whether they’re brought down due to market volatility, industry tensions or simply overblown news. This lets us spot potential rebounds, since we’ve already vetted the company’s past and future performance.

Then, once we’re sure that a stock is about to climb back higher, we find the right option contract that will let you profit most from the upcoming rally.

I teamed up with my internal market analyst and co-editor, Ian Dyer, to develop a landmark rebound investing strategy that takes the guesswork out of riding rebound momentum. Using options to capture these quick upswings, we’re able to bring you quick, explosive profits on stocks that we know are about to soar above their temporary volatility.

Our simple-to-use strategy allowed our beta testers to reap gains like:

  • 177% on Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT).
  • 81% on Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F).
  • 75% on Zillow Group Inc. (Nasdaq: ZG).
  • 71% on Nvidia Corp. (Nasdaq: NVDA).

Your subscription to Rebound Profit Trader, gives you the confidence to profit on rebounding stocks while other investors panic and let emotion dictate their investment strategy.

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