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Paul Mampilly’s New Book… Profits Unlimited: A Wall Street Insider Reveals the Secret to Life-Changing Wealth.

“You and your team have not only given me great financial advice, you have given me peace of mind that I will be able to accomplish my goals. At this rate I may even retire a little early. Thank you to you and your team for all that you do.”

Raymond C.

“I’m not sure how to thank you. I have never had this kind of success in the market and I have been trading since the 80’s. I am investing for additional income during my retirement. Your programs have kept me alert and excited about what goes on in the market and in the world of tech, energy, science, etc.”

Bernie K.

In the pages of Profits Unlimited, you will learn from Paul Mampilly the investment secret to securing financial independence.

Paul shares his journey into investing, what he has learned over the years (the good and the bad), and the strategies that can help Main Street Americans pay off their debts, retire comfortably, travel the world and much more – all with simple investment tactics.

I’ve been investing for more than 25 years.

I started my career on Wall Street in 1991, as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. I quickly advanced to prominent positions at Deutsche Bank and ING, managing multimillion-dollar accounts. Then in 2006, the owners of a $3 billion firm named Kinetics Asset Management recruited me to manage their hedge fund.

Soon after I joined, the firm’s assets under management soared … to $25 billion. Everyone took notice — from Barron’s, who named us one of the “world’s best” funds, to a prestigious foundation that invited me to take part in an investment competition it was hosting. The foundation wanted to see what I could do with $50 million. I’m happy to say I made a 76% return — during the 2008 and 2009 economic crisis — and won the competition.

In addition to that experience, I have been successfully investing on my own.

I uncovered one stock, Sarepta Therapeutics, when it was beginning to develop a drug to treat muscular dystrophy. I invested in it and sold the stock, making a gain of 2,539%.

In the early 2000s, I invested in the still-young Netflix. I believed in the future of streaming online video, and it paid off. I made a 329% gain.

Other gains I made include 300%, 198%, 267%, 293%, 243%, 373% — cumulative gains of almost 5,000%.

I hope this gives you some assurance that, when it comes to identifying and seizing opportunities, I know what I’m doing.

My Mission

I retired at 42.

However, I didn’t retire in the sense of the word everyone is used to. I retired from Wall Street. I just couldn’t bear to be making money for the sake of making money for some of the richest people in the world.

Now, every day, I use my skills and experience as a financial analyst to provide investment advice to Main Street investors — regular Americans. Investment advice that is easy to understand, actionable and can bring you enormous gains.

Each of my investment newsletters and trading strategies provides real insight and returns for investors of every level.

Whether you are a first-time investor with a low-risk tolerance and a smaller budget, or an experienced investor looking for high gains and a portfolio worth tens of thousands of dollars: You will find the portfolios, advice, podcasts and videos invaluable.

You can read more about my investment newsletters, podcasts, videos and trade alerts by signing up below.

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Massive Boom Happening Right Now!

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is almost here. We call it America 2.0. It’s going to be bigger than the stock market boom of the 1990s. Industries like IoT, Electric Cars, Biotech, Housing Markets, and so many more, will come together to form brand new sectors, companies and revolutionize the world. Don’t miss out. Invest in these technologies now for massive profits. 

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I am a Premium member and use all of your services. Due to the success we have had, my wife and I felt confident enough to take a two-month tour of England, Wales and Scotland this year. I equal weight all my purchases, and even though I don't always get in at the recommended price, eventually I always get in. Looking forward to being a millionaire!

— Patrick M.

Paul, I joined your program 2 years ago but was very gun shy on trying it, so I set it aside. Then our 21-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Cardiac Angiosarcoma (very rare cancer in the heart). We spent the last year in multiple states to get her treatments, so I finally had time between prayers to pray for her. I thought that this would work as our Insurance, wouldn’t cover most of it, and the returns you have provided for us have truly made a difference in our lives, and she is in remission at this time. God Bless, thank you all.

— Brian V.

I’m writing from Houston to thank you again for another great return with ***. With my gains from all of your recommendations, I’m now able to see my 82-year-old mother for Easter since I can now afford to fly her business class from Greece. You cannot imagine my gratitude for all of your services and how much the gains that you provided have raised my standard of living considerably.

— Chris V.

I am an artist & designer in my 60's, mother of 3 children & grandmother of a wonderful little girl. I bought 550 shares of *** in February and March 2017. As of today, I made $60,000 profit on this position alone in my IRA account. I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise to help folks like me to profit from this economy, and to be able to retire not worrying about money.

— Cécile P.

Profits Unlimited

In Profits Unlimited, I’ll introduce you to low-risk investments that are poised to explode higher as two major trends reshape the investing landscape: the Internet of Things and millennials.

True Momentum

In True Momentum, you’ll discover how to grab gains of at least 100% with only a moderate level of risk. It’s the same strategy that grew my personal account by 305% last year!

Extreme Fortunes

My research has shown that every year, on average, 43 stocks rally 1,000% or higher! In Extreme Fortunes, I’ll be your guide as we swing for the fences and grab life-changing profits!

Paul's Secret Portfolio

Finding these well-hidden gems is no simple task. That’s why I’ve recruited one of the best analysts in the industry to join my spec-op taskforce, Ian Dyer. Proudly serving as the analyst across all of my services, Ian has the experience we need to hunt down assets with enormous gain potential.

Rapid Profit Trader

After years of studying other investors’ behavior, I’ve learned that it’s very difficult to spot a good “buy” in the market. That’s why I decided to develop a system that could take the emotional element out of investing.

With this system, I’ve taken all of the guesswork out of knowing if — and when — a stock is going to make a huge breakout.

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