STUF’s 479% Gain + 4 NEW Buys for 2021

STUF’s 479% Gain + 4 NEW Buys for 2021

I’m calling STUF a hit.

Last year, I came up with an acronym to share some of my top stocks from Profits Unlimited with you.

The stocks from STUF (Spotify, Tesla, Uber and Facebook) could have made you a 479% equal-weighted gain!

But I’m ready to put a new foot forward today.

For 2021, I’ve created a brand-new acronym — four trades for Bold Profits Daily readers that have even more potential to surge in America 2.0.

I’m calling it (drumroll): BUZZ!

Check out this week’s video to collect your four new recommendations that make up BUZZ:

Remember these trades are a glimpse at our Profits Unlimited model portfolio.

So please be sure if you’re a Profits Unlimited subscriber to follow all of our action items for your trades that we send in our alerts and weekly updates.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

Editor’s Note: Every year, Paul releases his top picks for the new year. Last year, he released his STUF trade to Bold Profits Daily readers. In today’s video, Paul created a new trade for you … a glimpse of the stocks in his Profits Unlimited open model portfolio. He believes the opportunity for these new 2021 trades could be HUGE.

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