Technology investing is not limited to startups, initial public offerings (IPOs), biotech companies or blue chip tech stocks. Investing in technology includes a wide range of stocks that provide the opportunity to make massive returns on even small investments.

Paul Mampilly has identified the mega trends are the key to making large returns while investing in the market by keying on technology sectors that will drastically change everything. The Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence are two examples of mega trends that will influence every industry and change our lives.

These are low-risk investments that are positioned to create new levels of wealth for the smart investor. Paul and his expert team of stock analysts do all the research and you do all the investing.

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New Energy Stock Gives Your Portfolio a 50% Jolt

New Energy Stock Gives Your Portfolio a 50% Jolt

It’s time to get into new energy stock and stay in. Those of you who took me up on my 2020 new energy recommendation are sitting on 30% — even 50% — gains. Congratulations! Today, we’re facing a market correction, so if you haven’t bought in yet, now is your...