I Don’t See a Crash Coming . . . Here’s Why.

I Don’t See a Crash Coming . . . Here’s Why.

I’m going to go over what is going on in the stock market, because I can see that there is a lot of commentary in the regular financial media talking about a crash, and talking about a recession, and some crisis that might occur.

I can tell you that from everything that I track from day to day, I see zero sign of a crash.

I see zero sign of a recession, and I see zero sign of any kind of crisis that is unfolding right now.

We just went through the vast majority of what we would call reporting season. This is when companies tell you what has been going on recently in the last quarter.

They also project forward six to 12 months.

I have gone through the reporting from literally hundreds of companies, and I can tell you that, for the most part, companies are seeing that our economy is growing.

They are seeing that their business prospects are improving. And they are expecting the current business conditions to continue.

That’s always a good indicator for me for what is going to follow in their businesses, and then for what is going to happen for their stocks.

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