Should You Buy Into Future The Biotech Bull Market Now?

Should You Buy Into Future The Biotech Bull Market Now?

“I felt like the first man on the moon.”

French scientists have just created a robotic exoskeleton to help a paralyzed man walk again — using only his thoughts to control it. These were the words he used to describe his experience.

This is just one example of the power of biotech and a reason there will be a biotech bull market in the future.

And these kinds of life-changing innovations are just the beginning. Due to a recent rise in investor support, I believe the biotech sector is just gearing up for a brand-new bull market.

In fact, I predict a number of biotech stocks are set to rise by thousands of percent this bull run.

Check out this week’s video for details on this upcoming bull market.

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  • The greatest applications for Internet of Things innovations.
  • Why millennial housing refinancing is at its highest and how that affects the housing industry.

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Before I sign off, I want you to keep an eye out this week for a special video on the biotech bull market and how you can profit through small-cap stocks.

On the medical front, most of us have heard of the technology breakthrough with exoskeletons, especially for use in warehouse and manufacturing workplaces where they help people to lift heavy objects. Per Medgadget, now a team of researchers in France have succeeded in getting a man who can’t move his arms or legs because of a spinal cord injury to take autonomous steps using an exoskeleton.

The patient, who has been paralyzed for two years, said his experience was like being the first man on the moon. This exoskeleton uses two brain implants and the coding technology connected to them to make this achievement possible.

I’ve pinpointed three incredible stocks that will make everything else look like a drop in the bucket.

And they all offer the opportunity for a 10X return. We’re putting the finishing touches on this event now, so stay tuned! We’ll be releasing all the details soon.


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