The Saudi “Oil Price Crisis” and Top Mega Trends of 2020

The Saudi “Oil Price Crisis” and Top Mega Trends of 2020

“Oil Crisis.”

If I saw that headline 15 years ago, I would be worried. And we’d feel the hit in the markets.

But today, I’m not worried.

Today, new-world technology and innovation make the U.S. self-sufficient when it comes to oil. Which makes the crisis in Saudi Arabia a nonissue for us.

We have fracking and renewable energy not tied to foreign oil. I believe the country has enough oil — and other energy sources — to combat any price hikes that we may face.

On top of that, we’re moving toward a new era of renewable energy — take Tesla’s new 24-station electric vehicle charging point in Las Vegas, Nevada, as an example. And that’s only the beginning.

Watch this week’s Market Talk to hear exactly why I think oil dependence is already becoming a thing of the past as we move forward.

And knowing what’s happening behind the scenes, I’ll tell you where I’m seeing money move today. These mega trend stocks are like a coiled spring getting ready to soar.

Check out this week’s Market Talk below:

This week, Amber Lancaster, Hudson Cashdan and I also talk about:

  • Why initial public offerings like WeWork’s stand out from the crowd.
  • How artificial intelligence will revolutionize the way we order fast food.
  • A breakdown of what tech innovations to expect at next month’s Disrupt SF 2019 conference in San Francisco, California.

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In today’s video, I had the chance to sit down with longtime subscribers Fred and Sandy. In it, they talk about how they grabbed their slice of the American dream.

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Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited