100X Club

In 100X Club, there is one particular type of stock where Main Street investors have the advantage.

It’s in what I like to call 100X stocks, which involves focusing on the profit potential of microcaps.

This includes stocks even tinier than the ones in my Extreme Fortunes service, that hones in on small-caps with 1,000%-gain potential!

You see, these 100X stocks put us in a territory that can’t be tapped by Wall Street’s millionaire and billionaire investors, as they have the greatest potential to skyrocket 100-fold — giving you 10,000% gains.

Even better, market makers don’t get a single penny when you invest in them.

You see, most large hedge funds are extremely limited in the types of stocks they can buy.

So if you’re a Wall Street firm working with hundreds of billions of dollars in capital, it doesn’t pay to buy a 5% stake in a small, $50 million company. Even if the company surged 100 times, it would represent such a tiny portion of the firm’s assets, it wouldn’t be worth it.

After years of research and thousands of my own dollars spent, I’ve identified 20 key characteristics of stocks that can soar 100-fold.

Here’s what readers are saying:

David L., writes:

I’m a lifetime member of all Banyan Hill services. I joined when you and your colleagues first started all the services you have today.

I am retired and have put my trust in you and your colleagues’ stock picks. I have successfully had six-figure gains with your great stock picks and equal-weighted hands you stress daily. I’ve appreciated the learning experience and knowledge you’ve taught me about the market. Keep up the good work!

Eve B. says:

Just a quick note to express my utmost gratitude and confidence in everything you ALL are doing during this crazy market time! I am still completely ecstatic about my amazing portfolio! 150+ positions and growing…

Thanks for your late/long hours and tenacity and thick skins, as I’m sure that fear has generated some not-so-positive emails from worried friends …

I, for one, feel so well taken care of, following your bonsai trimming of our positions as the market changes every day. I learn so much from you all!

Richard B., writes:

Just wanted you to know that I bought your book around the beginning of the year but only recently began reading it. I must say it is a GREAT book, and I am not even finished yet … I can’t express my thanks enough for everything you do and how you go about it. I truly look forward to the weekly updates. You are a unique individual, and I applaud you for helping the common man. Keep up the good work.

We’re in for out for massive, incredible profits in 100X Club, and it’s not too late for you to sign up and begin making a huge profit!

100X Club Includes:

  • Access to My Model Portfolio: This portfolio includes every stock that’s on my “buy now” list, which gets updated the same day I buy or sell a stock recommendation. My model portfolio for 100X Club will tell you what to buy, when, for how much, specific trade details for placing your order, and then when to sell.
  • Weekly Updates: Once a week, you will receive the latest news and analysis from me in either written or video format, keeping you up to date on the market, identifying new stock opportunities, and on current positions in our 100X Club service.
  • Trade Alerts: When my system triggers an alert, I will send you an immediate email with the trade instructions that shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to enter. There should be three to four a month. Each will have specific details on the stock and what I recommend you do.
  • The 100X Club Rules of the Investing Game: Frequently referred to as a trading manual, I like to refer to it as your rules of the game — which is essentially a roadmap to your success. It has specific instructions on how you can hit the ground running using this research service. I suggest reading this first before you dig into anything else.
  • Members-Only Website: Full access to our members-only website, including the entire 100x Club archives, as well as the portfolio, which tracks all current positions.

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