Extreme Fortunes

Wall Street has brainwashed investors into believing that a “buy and hold” long-term investment strategy is the best way to make money in the markets.

Although gains can be made with this investment strategy, it is a decades-long and sometimes fruitless strategy. Returning single digit gains while relying completely on compound interest and time to do all the heavy lifting.

Mid- to long-term investment strategies are primed to provide returns and spin off huge windfalls that could put millions in your pocket. In fact, my research has shown that every year, on average, 43 stocks rally 1,000% or higher!

I look for those 43 opportunities to turn investments into fortunes. And that’s what I’m going to bring to you in Extreme Fortunes.


Why Extreme Fortunes Is Successful

The key is finding an identifiable pattern, the core shared between all of these stocks. I have combed through 13,000 hours of real-time stock market data in search of this pattern, the detectable core in the stocks that are primed to rally.

For example, my historical analysis pinpointed a personal identity company called Fingerprint Cards. In December 2011, it was trading for just 58 cents a share. If you had purchased shares of this tiny company that day and sold in December of 2015, you would have made a 12,587% gain.

A $10,000 stake would have catapulted to over $1.26 million in a few short years. This is the long term investment strategy that makes the most gains. Though the turnaround took years, the gains were high and we were not relying on compound interest. We rely on a system to identify the most valuable stock, underpriced on the market that’s set to rally in a few years.

This is just one example of how my system is set to make you bigger, safer, faster gains — and I’m excited to get you started.

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