Paul's Secret Portfolio

Pushing myself to work hard and set new goals has been ingrained in me since childhood. And I didn’t want to leave all of that behind just because I turned my back on Wall Street.

So, I decided to put my decades of experience to use and help other people. But this time, I wanted to help Main Street Americans turn thousands into tens of thousands, and tens of thousands into millions.

That’s how The Paul’s Secret Portfolio was born. In this service, I’m taking all my years of knowledge and research and using it to present you with assets that can turn any $10,000 account into a Paul’s Secret portfolio.

I couldn’t be more excited to get you started.

Knowing where to look, knowing what to look for and knowing when to buy and sell are 3 very distinct skills that expert investors and stock gurus hone throughout their long careers.

My team and I work hard to find hidden gems in the market that have the potential to transform our portfolios.


Why Paul’s Secret Portfolio Is Successful

How do I find these diamonds in the rough? Well, I have been finding them for years.

Paul’s Secret Portfolio offers lesser-known investment opportunities available in the market. These go beyond your typical stock and option recommendations, and may include assets such as: preferred stocks, warrants, royalty trusts, collateralized debt obligations, crypto coins and foreign stocks.

Depending on the type of asset recommended, these trades may vary greatly in the amount of time they take to play out. We may be in and out of certain trades within a few months, and others we may be in for a few years.

Either way, each recommendation is made with one goal in mind: turning a starting $10,000 portfolio into a $10 million windfall. So, the returns you could see on a single investment might be gains of 5,000%, 7,500% even 10,000% or more

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