Rapid Profit Trader

After years of studying other investors’ behavior, I’ve learned that it’s very difficult to spot a good “buy” in the market. That’s why I decided to develop a system that could take the emotional element out of investing.

Rapid Profit Trader is an options trading newsletter dedicated to implementing this strategy to make faster than normal returns.

The options trading strategy behind Rapid Profit Trader is one that focuses on stocks that are either making 52-week highs or lows, and that can typically turn a profit in 4 to 6 weeks. Just like its name, Rapid Profit Trader allows subscribed investors to rapidly grow their profits quickly.

We’re going to focus solely on the options market in this service. I believe that stock options are a great way to capture quick, momentum-driven profits without risking large amounts of money in the market. They also give you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio without limiting the impact of a single investment that goes against you.


Why Rapid Profit Trader Is Successful

Following this simple-to-execute options trading strategy handed our beta testers the chance at gains like:

  • 200% in Boeing Co. in just one week.
  • 142% in Steel Dynamics Inc. in under three weeks.
  • 257% in Caterpillar Inc. in less than three weeks.
  • 386% in Arch Coal Inc. in four weeks.
  • 331% in Visa Inc. in just four weeks.
  • 307% in Home Depot Inc. in six weeks.

After I’ve decided on the stock, I look at the available options contracts. It also has to have high liquidity, meaning that the price won’t bounce around too much when we issue a recommendation.

Now, with your subscription to Rapid Profit Trader, you have unfettered access to this system and the chance to grab the same kind of profits!

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