True Momentum

I’ve spent my entire 25-year career in the financial industry honing my ability to spot stocks about to deliver quick, massive growth … with billions of dollars to test and refine my methodology.

It has become my bread-and-butter money-making technique, an investment strategy that has allowed me to pull triple-digit winners out of the market year in, year out, without fail.


Why True Moment Investing Is Successful

Momentum investing is a science that can be understood and capitalized on with the right guidance. True Momentum combines my experience in the stock market as well as the experience of my expert team of investment advisors and stock market experts.

In fact, this True Momentum investment strategy is the main reason my personal account grew 305% in 2016 — which was 23 times more than the market.

And it’s why I’m confident I can help you achieve gains of 300%, or more, in the next year.

Historically, on average, 24 stocks display true momentum every year.

That means there are 24 opportunities to capture gains of 100% or more from pure, simple stock plays — these plays have nothing to do with the size of the company, what niche the company serves or even the stock price. True Momentum investing is about simple moves at the right time

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