Internet of Things is About To Change The World: Invest Now

Internet of Things is About To Change The World: Invest Now

Ever since my first Banyan Hill video, when I held up that little computer chip, I’ve stood by the strength of the Internet of Things.

Today, the Internet of Things is everywhere. It’s a full-blown phenomenon!

And it’s about to become even bigger. There are both big players like Google and smaller companies that are making an impact in the the tech sector as it related to the Internet of Things.

So first, let’s talk a little about the Internet of Things and learn how this tech sector is poised to change the world forever.

What is The Internet Of things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things is a mouthful, so most of us use the acronym IoT. So, IoT is a term used to describe technology shift in which physical objects are interconnected and connected to the internet. An example is your Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Did you know you can connect your television and home lights to your Google Home? And what about that Ring door bell that allows you to see whose knocking on your door while you’re at work?

These tech advancements are still very simple because this tech sector is still young. Soon IoT will integrate your home, car and personal computing devices, and connect them all to the internet. These devices will change the way we live our daily lives. But because the industry is still relatively new, it is the prime investing opportunity for any forward thinking, long term investor.

How Soon Will IoT Change The World?

It’s difficult to say. Google Home was released almost 2 years ago today and there are already 118 million smart speakers in the U.S as of January this year and 3.5 billion were sold world wide in 2018. So you can see that the trend is ramping up. When a new device that utilizes IoT technology is made available, it sells rather well. The trick is to create a viable device in the fist place and that will determine the timeliness of the success of IoT. Right now, smart speakers, smart T.V.s and smart doorbells are the most popular internet of things devices.

What IoT Companies Should I Invest in?

And this is the real question that investors and stock traders should be asking! If there is a market for the internet of things and if we are in the early stages of a cultural and technological revolution, then in which tech companies should we invest? Those who subscribe to Profit Unlimited, my tech stock portfolio service, have full access to all my top choices. However, if you are not a subscriber you can still watch my videos and check back here to get some recommendations and discussion related to investing in the Internet of Things.

Check out this week’s video to find why it’s time to double, triple, QUADRUPLE down on the Internet of Things. And I’ll give you two ways to get in on this new IoT moment before the next big profit surge.

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Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited 

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