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Check out these Profits Unlimited reviews and customer success stories  from Paul Mampilly’s seven other elite stock advisory services.

Many of Paul’s readers have written in with feedback about his Profits Unlimited stock advisory service. Read real subscriber reviews and Strong Hands nation comments here:

“Thank you for giving us here in mainstream America the golden opportunity and inestimable chance to achieve the ‘American Dream.’ You are truly the greatest of catalysts to make our highest hopes and dreams come true. Thanks again for this priceless opportunity.”

— Tim R.

“My husband says it’s like somebody else is in this house making another income for us – Paul Mampilly! So that’s really great.”

— Michael K.

“There is just this happy, happy feeling and we’re just very excited and consider him not only our financial advisor, but our coach.”

— Charles L.

“This one stock paid for my lifetime membership. I respect your experience and love the [service].”
— Joel F.

“There’s no hype in Paul. He’s straight, honest, down to earth and gives it to you the way it is.”

— Ian S.

“One of the things I really like about the service is that Paul, in particular, is an optimist. And it really shines through.”

— Warren H.

“If it weren’t for your expertise and guidance, the regular folk, like me, would have no chance whatsoever in making some significant money in the stock market.”
— Stanley V.

“Thank you for sharing your insight and expertise with the regular folk and giving us the opportunity to make some supplemental income in such a user-friendly way.”

— Susan K.

“You are like my investing guru, but a friend as well.”

— Sandra P.

“He’s very down to earth. He wants to help people make money. Obviously he can do this for people with billions and just have to deal with a few folks, but he’s got a great heart just trying to help others help build their wealth. And I really appreciate what he’s doing.”

— Kenneth W.

“This one stock paid for my lifetime membership. I respect your experience and love the [service].”
— Joel F.

“The money I made went a long way in helping to pay for my wedding. Keep up the good work; you’re making a real different to people’s lives.”
— Elliot F.

“Paul Mampilly provides clarity. He is a breath of fresh air in a very unclear, convoluted marketplace. He is focused, he is uplifting.”

— Phil S.


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I am a Premium member and use all of your services. Due to the success we have had, my wife and I felt confident enough to take a two-month tour of England, Wales and Scotland this year. I equal weight all my purchases, and even though I don't always get in at the recommended price, eventually I always get in. Looking forward to being a millionaire!

— Patrick M.

Paul, I joined your program 2 years ago but was very gun shy on trying it, so I set it aside. Then our 21-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Cardiac Angiosarcoma (very rare cancer in the heart). We spent the last year in multiple states to get her treatments, so I finally had time between prayers to pray for her. I thought that this would work as our Insurance, wouldn’t cover most of it, and the returns you have provided for us have truly made a difference in our lives, and she is in remission at this time. God Bless, thank you all.

— Brian V.

I’m writing from Houston to thank you again for another great return with ***. With my gains from all of your recommendations, I’m now able to see my 82-year-old mother for Easter since I can now afford to fly her business class from Greece. You cannot imagine my gratitude for all of your services and how much the gains that you provided have raised my standard of living considerably.

— Chris V.

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